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Вчені про важливість тестів на антитіла до Ковіду 19

Fast, Cheap COVID-19 Antibody Test Developed at University of Texas

There is a need for a quicker and more efficient antibody tests that can detect levels of antibodies against COVID-19, both so that prior infection and levels of immunity can be detected, but also to test plasma being used as a therapy. Read more

SARS-CoV-2 Genomic Analysis Reveals January Introduction to Washington State

By analyzing the genomic sequences of SARS-CoV-2 samples from infected patients in Washington State, research suggests that most early infections derive from a single introduction in late January or early February, sparking rapid community transmission of the virus that went undetected for several weeks. Read more

Thermo Fisher Partners with AstraZeneca, UNMC on Clinical Biomarker Analysis Workflows

The new partnerships are intended to bolster Thermo Fisher's Precision Medicine Science Center's mission of creating standardized workflows with pharma and academic partners, with the goal of enhancing precision medicine by streamlining the transition from biomarker research to clinical implementation. Read more

DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: It’s in the Blood

Companies are rapidly advancing liquid biopsies as the go-to technology for cancer treatment monitoring and recurrence. Read more


NGS Respiratory Research Panel

The panel includes both RNA-based and DNA-based viruses in one kit with 41,047 nucleic acid probes. It allows researchers to separate COVID-19 symptoms from those of other respiratory illnesses, both influenza- and non-influenza-related. Read more